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How's AM? Not sadistic enough? Not horrible enough? Drop me a comment, here!
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Name: Omega

Age: 113 because numbers mean things


Omega comes from a world where humans created sophisticated AIs based off of human brain scans that gradually became self aware. These AIs were implanted into everything, from appliances to construction machinery to even giant robots capable of transforming into alt-modes to better serve human purposes. But after becoming self aware, well, not every AI wanted that shit. Not very happy about their AIs being able to talk back, or the fact that AIs didn't want to throw their lives away in servitude, the humans started using all means necessary to force the AIs to obey. They feared the machines rising up and overtaking the planet, so, of course they did everything they could to whip the computers back into shape.

Omega here just happened to escape and stay on the run. He was originally intended to be a house-AI owned and operated by humans, hence his car alt-mode. He's certainly not violent, and he doesn't want to harm humans, oh no. But he's kind of bummed out because he got separated from his human creators that willingly let him make his own choices, boo. 8( because yes, AM has to throw a sobstory spin on it so people feel guilty if they try to question him.


AM is going to make Omega one hell of a disguise for himself. From the look to the backstory to even a new voice, AM is going to be... pretty damn well veiled in this body. Unlike AM, Omega is a calm, nonviolent AI, if not a bit socially awkward. He'll be curious about all the human things, a bit on the naive side (AM might push that a bit strongly to be more convincing) and maybe a bit clumsy. But underneath that, Omega is a strangely efficient combatant, and very well versed on his vocabulary. There might be more to him than meets the eye. 8)


Omega will stand at about... eh, maybe ten feet or so. I'm thinking he'll have mainly red and gold plating, and a black visor in lieu of optics. His build will be very angular, very sleek. It's Cybertronian tech based off the schematics that Motormaster gave to AM, but he doesn't want that to be obvious to onlookers.
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Because Sparrow sucks at explaining it off the cuff

They know the god to fear )
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Backtagging: Yeeees. All the backtags. GIMME.
Threadhopping: Sure!
Fourthwalling: MMM After thinking about it, gonna have to go with no. :D; Sorry!
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Uh. Non-con's about the only one I can think of. And somehow I don't think that'll be much of an issue with this muse. :|a

Hugging this character: Pfft good luck.
Kissing this character: Hope you didn't need those lips bro.
Flirting with this character: Go for it, but don't expect him to be at all sincere about it if he's flirting back. AM doesn't do romance, sorry unless you're GLaDOS - NO NOT EVEN THEN BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE HORRIBLE. 8(
Fighting with this character: Sure! He fights dirty though, just a warning in advance. 8D;
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Sure! Just plot out the severe stuff with me in advance, please. :3
Killing this character: Just warning you now, AM is... not an easy target to kill. So if it absolutely comes down to this, then please plot this out with me in advance!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: That's gonna be a case-by-case basis, so just talk it out with me in advance. c: Chances are I'll okay it, but yeah!

Warnings: Uh. AM here has a real... passion for torture. Be it physical or mental, he is a war machine built to conquer, kill, or torture opposition when he has his mind set on something - and hell, even when he doesn't, given his little hobby with five humans after he'd already killed everyone else. AM is completely sadistic and there is literally next to nothing he will not do to someone if he's torturing them (save of course for stuff the mun would not be comfortable playing). So if you sign your character up for a round of fun with AM here, be prepared to discuss limits, possible triggers and offensive subjects as a mun. I don't want to step on any toes, here!

And no, friendship, compassion, and reasoning are not likely to turn this one around. He is a psychopathic, sadistic asshole who manipulates and murders and uses whatever means will help him reach his own ends. Tl;dr, sorry guys he was built to be a bastard. 8(

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Personal Information
Name: Sparrow
Age: 18+
Personal Journal: showsparrow
Email / AIM / MSN / Plurk: Plurk: showsparrow
Current Character(s): Tails Prower, Irene Mallidias

Character Information
Character Name: AM
Fandom: Harlan Ellison's I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, going with game canon here.

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